Here we go… *gulp*

I spoke with the social worker at Bethany this afternoon to get a bit more information regarding a situation she emailed us about yesterday. Jeff and I have decided to have our profile shown to this birth parent. Our profile (and any others the social worker has to show) will go to the mother next Friday (29th of June) for her to choose the family in which to place her child. As Jeff and I discussed this particular case, it seems this child would be perfect for us (based on the information we have received), but it’s all in His hands. This birth mother has many difficult decisions ahead of her (and this is only one of them) and we are wishing her peace as she makes her choices.


Coincidence? I think not!

So, we got a letter in the mail the other day: The official acceptance of our home study. This, just by itself, was pretty cool. However, there was an extra-nifty aspect to it: Our home study was officially approved on June 13, 2007– our anniversary! Gotta love nifty little synchronicities like that. 🙂

55 Story

Hey, all–

We’re still in waiting mode at the moment. The home study is done and has been submitted, so it’s just a matter of time. We’re starting to think about baby names at this point; pretty cool! 🙂

The reason for the title above is that I’m doing something different this post. I have a great deal of fun writing what are called “55 Stories”. These are extremely short stories (AKA, “flash fiction”) that consist of only 55 words — not counting the title. I haven’t written one in a while, but had some inspiration this morning. Hope you like it! (I put it in the “More” section, so just click on the link below.)

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