National Burkholder Day!

Today is the May 29th that was mentioned in our previous post. That, coupled with the exclamation mark in the post title should let you know that we’re in pretty good moods today. 🙂 Judge Jay Hoberg of the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas decided that we were cool enough to have custody of another kid: Zoë! Yay! Woohoo! Yippie! w00t! and other assorted happy sounds!

We also had quite a crowd in the courtroom with us: grandparents, church folk, Bethany people, and so forth. All three of us elder Burkholders got to testify (including Dante…we were all quite concerned when the judge asked Dante if there was anything else he wanted to say. Visions of him introducing the court to his orchestra-sized and -themed imaginary friends loomingly danced in my head, but didn’t happen) about how we all wanted this to happen; the judge declared that everything was in order according to some statute from October 15, 1980; and Zoë Elaine Burkholder is officially both our daughter and … well, Zoë Elaine Burkholder. 🙂

Pseudo-uncle (and actual Godfather) George called later to wish us a Happy National Burkholder Day. Sounded catchy. He, Holly and Elia couldn’t make it due to his school/work schedule, but we hope to get together with them soon. Most of the assembled then headed over to Oregon Dairy for a luncheon — ended with ice cream for all, so again: good moods.

Eventually, we’ll post pix or something, but to summarize: The long, dark nightmare of our nation is finally ended! Oh, wait…that won’t happen until Inauguration Day…unless McCain gets elected. I kid! I kid!

Mostly. 😉

Of adoptions and illnesses…

So… I must be the worst blogger in the universe. Thanks Ami, for a gentle prod to update this yet again.

And now for the big news: Zoë’s finalization hearing will be on May 29 at 10:00 AM. After that, she’ll officially be a Burkholder! And that will mark the end of this seemingly endless quest for adopting a child — and only the beginning of a lifetime of being a family of four! What a long, strange ride it’s been…

On the home front, Dante is LOVING being a big brother, helping out where he can and thoroughly enjoying his ability to make his sister giggle. She adores him and he adores her, and aside from some jealousy over mommy and/or daddy’s affections and attentions from time to time, life is good for two siblings.

Unfortunately for Dante, however, we’re continuing our quest to determine the cause of this never ending cough and swollen glands. The poor boy has had more than his fair share of coughs, fevers, and sore throats this winter. The hope that spring would bring relief, seems somewhat ellusive as well at this point. We’ve begun seeing an Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist in an effort to narrow down the allergy-asthma-something else debate… so… hopefully, we’ll have an update on that soon as well..

We covet your continued prayers as we head into the final stretch of the adoption and as we work with doctors to get the little guy some healthier days.