Bye-Bye Windstream!

Friday was Jeff’s last day as a Windstream Employee. After working for D&E Communications for 9 years, Windstream gave him the boot. So…

We gave Windstream the boot and replaced them with Google. We said goodbye to our landline and to our Dejazzd/Windsteam email accounts. If you have either of those still in your phone directories or address books, you might wanna take ’em out. We have a Google Voice number now and we’ll keep our Gmail accounts.

Oh… and as soon as we can get our computers and our new modem to play nice with each other and stop pretending the other doesn’t exist, we’ll be back online. Then you can still find us on this and our other blogs, Facebook, Gtalk, AIM, Twitter, and a couple other online venues.

Until then, we’re on cell phone only communication. Fun. As the kids say, “Text it.” (God, I feel old!)