A Snapshot from a Sitcom

Sometimes my life is a sitcom and all the laughs are at my expense.

Episode: Morning Mayhem
Scene: Photographer

*scene opens on mom in kitchen cleaning up the entire sippy of milk that the toddler has dumped intentionally all over the counter, her chair, and the floor; we hear kids from the living room, playing with a film-less camera*

Dante: Say cheese, Zoe!

Zoe: *makes a sound that puts a banshee to shame*

Mom: WHAT is going on out there?!?

Dante: *shoving camera in his sister’s hands as mom walks into the room* I just wanted to take her picture.

Mom: Did you take it from her?

Dante: What?

Mom: Did you take the camera from her?

Dante: What?

Mom: *gives the icy mom-stare*

Dante: *looks at floor to avoid mom’s glare* …no…

Mom: *frustrated sigh* Go next-door and see if Nana & Paw-Paw are awake!

Dante: C’mon, Zoe!

Mom: NO! Just you.

*Scene ends as Dante runs out back door and Zoe toddles after him. Mom is left listening to the door slam and the click/whir of the camera as the flash lights the kitchen.*

Zoe: *from outside* A cheeeese … Dante!

*cue laugh track*