Jeff Says…More!

Heya, folks–

This will be the semi-official site of news updates on the Burkholder family, particularly focusing on the adoption process that we’re about to undergo. What’s that you say? “Adoption?!” Yep, the Eponymous Neaner and I are planning to increase the size of our family while not increasing the size of Neaner’s waistline. Although it will involve a significant decrease in the size of our bank account. I guess you can’t add something without subtracting from somewhere else, eh?

We’re still in the process of forming this part of the website, so expect to find things looking a bit different from one day to the next. Perhaps even from one hour to the next. We’re new to the whole blogosphere and are just starting to hammer some of these things down. Watch your step; we may leave a stray nail or two lying around.

Feel free to pull up a stool, grab an apple to munch, and comment or whatever. Keep it clean and neat, though. Hard enough of a time taking care of our own messes without having to patrol yours.