Merry Christmas!

So, I didn’t ever get around to sending Christmas cards this year, but I’m thinking a lot about my family and friends and how incredibly blessed I am. I have more friends and family than a lot of people in this world, and there’s a lot of love from everyone. As I read cards and letters sent to us, I continually thanked God for each one of you who touch our lives.

This has been another busy year in the Burkholder house. Dante is now three with everything that entails. He’s very independent, and is a “good helper” as he constantly reminds us. He’s decided that one or two naps per week is really more than enough for him (despite the fact that Mommy still seems to need more than that!). His favorite things to do usually involve some sort of letters or numbers and he’s becoming very proficient with the mouse on the computer (parents who use computers have children who use computers). He also LOVES playing games with us, especially Uno, Memory, and Chutes & Ladders.

Jeff is still working full-time at D&E Communications running numbers and theoretically helping things to run more smoothly for the company. We are still sharing our part-time job at Hosanna Christian Fellowship as Program Director/Coordinator, but have scaled hours back to 10 for each of us for the upcoming year. As much as we love working at the church, it will be nice to have a bit of extra family time! I recently joined the worship team at church and am loving the chance to sing more often again!

The biggest news of course is our upcoming adoption. We are still working on our formal application but hope to really get the process in full-swing come January. For more on that, please see previous posts here. Dante doesn’t entirely understand all of what is going on yet, but he knows that Mommy and Daddy are working on getting him a sister or brother. He’s apparently decided that he will have a little sister, because this is what he talks about the most. Hope he isn’t disappointed if he ends up with a little brother instead!

We’re all looking forward to Christmas. Dante has been ready for weeks and he’s been very excited, hyper, and occasionally ornery as a result. If he could just kick this cold he seems to have caught, he could enjoy the holidays a bit more. He’s very proud of our Christmas tree with the blue lights and tells everyone about it!

If I can figure out how to upload some family photos I will do that soon. I tried earlier and didn’t do something right apparently… Maybe I can get Jeff to help with that later. We’ll do our best to keep this blog updated this year, so please check back soon!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!

–Nean (on behalf of all three Burkholders)

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