…and continues…

I don’t know about eloquence, but I’ll give it a shot…

After about three weeks or so of digging out this or that old tax form, lining up our references, and taking general inventory of our lives, we are proud to announce that our formal application is now complete. This morning, Dante and I took a drive out to Bethany to personally deliver it (with a couple of our required reading books) to the office. What a sense of accomplishment!

So, now, we wait (this whole process is a lot of “hurry up and wait” from the sounds of things). Wait to hear that our application has been accepted. Wait for the next batch of forms to be mailed to us to fill out even more questions (hope they don’t take as long as the application). And wait for those of you who were gracious enough to agree to be our references to receive your forms and get them sent back in for us. And then we wait some more. And so it goes.

And in the waiting, I’m thanking God for the beautiful son I have and for my wonderful husband. I’m enjoying the moments I have to spend with them — our last chance to be the three Burkholders. As we anticipate the next child in our family, I am realizing that (once again) our life is going to change irrevocably. And I thank God for this blessing that we have.


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