Better than a Raindance

You need rain? The best way to make sure you get it, is to have a picnic, plan a camping trip, or HOST A HUGE YARD SALE! All week, I’ve been sorting through my precious junk. Looking for treasure that might benefit someone else, now that I no longer need it. And today is the day – and it ushered in the rain of course.

Happily, we have the luxury of setting up inside the house. My parents moved out of their half of the house last weekend, but they don’t have to be “out” until tomorrow afternoon. So, their entire first floor has become a veritable treasure house.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. And there’s the huge craft show in Lititz, to bring in the crowds. I don’t care so much about making money (although that’s a nice side-effect). I just need to get rid of stuff. So come and check it out. All reasonable offers considered!

And then it’s on to the next big chapter in our moving saga!