Baby Whisperer

I seem to be suddenly surrounded by friends with/having babies. I’m not complaining. I LOVE them. And given that we’ve decided we’re done, I have to get my baby fix somewhere. So, I have my special babies in my life (and at least one more on the way – SQUEEEE!!!) – babies I spoil and pamper and love all over (and then return to their parents when I’m “done”).

And sometimes it makes me feel guilty. Because, I’d rather spend all day with a baby than with my own kids. At nearly 4 and nearly 8, they don’t snuggle as well. Zoe can’t sit still enough and I always end up being a jungle gym. Dante has always been my snuggler – and very good at it – but he’s hit that elementary “only on my terms mom” phase. But babies…

My friend calls me the Baby Whisperer. I seem to have a calming effect on babies –  ironic given my consistently high stress levels, but they seem to have a similar effect on me. When her daughter refuses to stop screaming, I take her. Often, she snuggles into my arms, puts her head on my shoulder, and falls asleep. Pure heaven for both of us.

I detest the age Zoe is in now. I hated when Dante was there as well. It’s that preschool age, where we think we know how to use the potty until we decide we don’t, and where we have a mind of our own and want to do it ourselves but without the common sense or dexterity/strength to do it by ourselves. Whining, tantrums, and “accidents” are all crap I can’t handle (word choice intentional). I’m living for the day she hits kindergarten, and she’s going to preschool five mornings a week this fall because I need it as much as she does.

Dante’s in a better stage. A place where I can relate to him on a more logical level. He’s also going to brick and mortar in the fall. We need a break from each other too… and he needs to be with friends his own age. We have fun, do projects, talk, joke, laugh, and play… but he has always lived in an adult world. He needs to remember how to be a kid.

So… my babies are growing up. Some days too fast and I miss that early snuggly-cuddly stage. Some days I am impatient with the stage they’re in. Regardless of it all, they’re still my babies and I still snuggle as much as they let me.

And in the meantime, I’ll borrow my friends’ babies, and enjoy a few quiet fall mornings when I send my own kids back to school.