Updates? We don’t need no steenkin’ updates!

So, I can’t tell you how many times people have come up to me and said, “Hey, you guys haven’t said anything on your blog about the adoption lately.”

Well, actually I can tell you how many times people have come up to me and said that. It’s zero. I just don’t really want to, because it makes me look emotionally needy. And I’ve heard that emotional neediness is bad for the image. Does this emotion make me look fat?

Anyway, things are progressing quite … glacially … at this point. Nean & I are still reading up on the pleasures and pitfalls of adoption. And we’re starting to stress out about what needs to be fixed around the house and whether or not we need to do it before the home study. One happy thing that kinda dropped in our laps was the fact that Sesame Street this week was doing a storyline where Gina, the veterinarian on the ‘street, went to Guatemala to adopt a baby. This very nicely helped Dante to understand the situation. In his words, “Oh! Marco’s adopted and Gina’s his mommy!” ‘Twas a good moment.

So, yeah, not much else to say. I’m sure we’ll have more news after December 11, which is when we have our class at the agency. Stay tuned.