Family Vacation Day One: Ocean City, NJ

So… We are on our very first week-long, hotel-stay family vacation.

We left at just a little past 5:00 a.m. this morning. Despite all the hoping (and occasional suggestions from us), Dante did not sleep, as he was FAR too excited, but he finally settled in with his books, once I told him that we would not get there any faster, just because he kept asking “what does the little screen say now?” every five minutes! (Thanks, Mike and Ami for the GPS; it was quite handy — despite the tour of downtown Philly it took us on!)

We hit up a Jersey McDonald’s for breakfast. Dante wasn’t all that hungry and was slightly upset that we were getting out before we got to the beach, but he did decide that a chicken on a biscuit sounded good. The food was so much more greasy than our McDonald’s at home. Isn’t the food supposed to be made following Standard Operating Procedures?

Post-grease, we piled back in the car and Dante continued his modern version of “Are we there yet?” (“Not far now, my little smurflings…”) We arrived in Ocean City, NJ around 8:30-ish and found plenty of open space in a lot down near the beach and figured the $10.00 would be worth it to be closer to the car. We were right.

We hauled stuff down to the beach and things were going just fine. Had trouble rolling the stroller full of baby and stuff on the sand, so we ended up lifting and carrying the whole thing down closer to the water. That’s when the trouble started. Dante took one look at the ocean and decided he couldn’t follow us… He stood on the beach screaming for us to come back for him. I think the early morning had finally caught up with him.

We finally settled in on our blanket and Zoe had her first taste of sand, while Daddy took Dante down to get his feet wet. Well, that was it. From there it was one fear-of-the-ocean-hot-sun-on-an-over-tired-and-under-fed-kid tantrum after another… and once Zoe decided she’d had enough, we packed up after one small sand castle victory to head up to the boardwalk. At least I got my feet wet.

We wandered on the boardwalk for a bit, bought the kids each a book at Atlantic Book Shop and a Smoothie at the Banana place that took over Java Jane’s (not too bad, btw), and then piled back into the car to find our hotel.

And here we are… sitting in our hotel room and getting ready to go find lunch/supper… whatever meal it is at this point.