Family Vacation Days 2&3: Sesame Place & Please Touch Museum

Vacation is getting more relaxing… We had to take our VERY nice Italian dinner from Monday night back to the hotel room to eat as the kids were too antsy and tired to behave in the restaurant. However, we had a nice dinner and Dante found his name on the wall at the restaurant (We’d been looking for the Bob Evans for dinner and the GPS took us to this place which bought this location out about 4 months ago… a little pricier than we intended to spend, but also a bit classier!)

Tuesday was filled with Sesame Place related activities and after initial trepidation on Dante’s part of all the rides, people, etc., I can honestly say we had a wonderful day. He enjoyed riding on Big Bird’s Balloon Race with Mommy and on Big Bird’s Rambling River with Daddy. He spent most of his time, however, in the various Water attractions like Ernie’s Waterworks and the Count’s Whatever it’s called… We also went to two shows: Big Bird’s Beach Party (which even included TELLY MONSTER being afraid of the ocean… shoulda seen that BEFORE going to the beach!) and Elmo’s World Live (Dorothy was thinking about Fishes). The highlight of the day was meeting the characters at dinner! We got to see, hug, talk to, and take photos with/of Big Bird, Elmo, Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Zoe. Unfortunately our Zoe was getting tired as the evening wore on, and by the time that muppet Zoe came to see her, she’d had enough!

Today, we went into downtown Philly to the Please Touch Museum (right near the Franklin Institute). It’s much like the Hands On House in Lancaster, a giant playroom with tons of stuff to do. Dante enjoyed the mirrors in the looking glass exhibit and allowed Mommy to get a picture of him and her at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Dante also enjoyed pretending to shop in the grocery store, building houses in the construction sites, and playing with the boats in the water. Zoe spent most of her time in the “Baby Barnyard” and loved hugging (and of course eating) the piggies, as well as playing with the wheels and the wooden caterpillar that zigzagged down the chute.

The hotel stay has been a novelty. Our tv works mostly (it fuzzes out randomly which is annoying and has more limited channels than we have at home), but the maid that came in yesterday while we were still here was speaking Spanish to Dante which he loved! We’re also really enjoying the pool (indoor heated, with hot tub at one end). Yesterday we all went down for an early morning swim.

We’re off to dinner now and Jeff is waiting for help to get the kids ready!