Tuggin’ on the heart strings…

So, exactly how nuts am I? Nuts enough to even entertain the thought of adopting again. And I’m not talking about somewhere down the road when Zoë is a year or two older. Oh, no. Now.

When my “contact” (thanks a lot, Carol!) at Bethany tells me about a two-week old African-American baby girl who is completely healthy and BEAUTIFUL in cradle care because no one wants her, I have to just put the pieces of my heart back together. So here I sit at my computer, trying to figure out if there is ANY possible way we can take her…

How can we finance that?
Can we find a mini-van?
Can we fit her in our tiny house?
Will my nerves be able to handle three kids (two of which would be under a year old)?
Will I ever sleep again? — I’ve JUST gotten used to sleeping through the night again!
WHY are people SO shallow that the fact that she is African-American even an issue?
How would Dante and Zoë handle a new baby sibling?

So, there’s also a couple other “issues” with social-medical background, but isn’t this the case with EVERYONE?

Am I really insane?

Realy, seriously, if anyone is even CONSIDERING adopting, PLEASE call the Lancaster office of Bethany TODAY. This little one is not alone in her situation.

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  1. UPDATE: Yeah, the kids had a rough (fussy) day today. Doesn’t God have a sense of humor? I don’t think another baby in THIS house would be wise for anyone right now.

    However, please pass this story along to anyone who might be considering adoption.

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