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To follow up from the last post, NO We’re not looking to add any children to the family at the moment. 🙂 And now… to share about something I’ve been recently pondering…

This blog is about our adoption, our family, and the overall journey that parents take in raising their kids and building a home together. While we’re not experts in the field (nor do we profess or pretend to be so), we hope that our blog serves at least one of two (main) purposes for our reader(s):
1. It helps keep our family and friends informed of our antics even when they are far from us. We know we’re not super great at keeping in touch, but we do try!
2. It will share our journey with others who may need someone to either laugh or cry with. Our hope is that someone out in the great blogosphere will be encouraged by our story.

That being said, I’ve recently been considering starting up a new blog. It would be a similarly purposed blog, but chronicling some of my personal experiences and struggles as a creatively minded female in our current society — one who struggles with depression, disillusionment, and the disparity between being a mom and being… well, anything else a woman is expected to be.

I know there are some of you out there thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me; you barely update this one and you’re talking about starting another one?!?” I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like the two should remain separate. Maybe along the lines of how you wanna keep a “G” movie (like this “G” blog) separate from a “PG-13”.

Anyway, I write all this to see if there is anyone who cares to read stuff like that. 🙂 And to see if anyone has suggestions as I continue to ponder this. Split the blogs or keep them together? Or should I just stick to updating family news here and leave the other stuff to my private journal?

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  1. The only reason I’d say to separate them is because this blog is one written by both you and Jeff. Granted, it’s mostly you… but still a joint venture nonetheless.

    However, it’s ultimately up to you. I’ll read it either way 🙂

    (I’m so helpful, I know…)

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