They grow so fast…

Well, the kids are growing and changing so fast and I’m horrible at keeping this blog updated for some reason. Here’s a quick update on how they are doing, because I frequently have people asking!

Dante is as precocious as ever at nearly five-years-old. He’s highly sensitive and a perfectionist (taking after mommy), as well as highly intelligent (taking after daddy). He’s got a fair mix of our personalities including the obligatory OCD tendencies. And he talks… a lot. So much it’s hard to get a word in with him around. He’s reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, and his current favorite television show is “Sid, the Science Kid”. He loves to ask questions and learn anything and everything about the world around him. Obviously his brain NEVER shuts off as he wakes us at about 6:00-ish every day with a whole new batch of “Why does…?” questions. He loves to play on the computer and still loves to do crafts with mommy (even though we don’t have as much time for this as we did before the little one came along). He’s adjusting really well to having a sibling, but is at an age where he is having trouble expressing his feelings, so he becomes frustrated and melts down or starts picking on his sister. We’re working on trying to implement some one on one time when we can… sadly not as often as any of us would like. Please pray for Dante’s health this winter as his allergies and asthma have already made him extra-sensitive to colds and respiratory stuff.

Dante helping Daddy lower the crib for Zoë

Zoë is growing so fast and it’s hard to believe that she’ll be a year old in a couple weeks. She’s got two adorable little teeth on the bottom with two more on either side not far behind, I’m sure. I don’t know what happened to the top teeth, but they aren’t coming in yet. She’s now pulling herself up to stand fairly regularly, but I haven’t caught her letting go yet or taking any steps. She loves to bounce in her swing, and dances when there is music on. She’s got a couple words in her vocabulary (the typical “mama, dada, baba-bottle, and Ba-boo for peek-a-boo. I think she’s trying to talk to Dante when she says “Didi” She also says “nana” which is either Nana, night-night, or banana in context. She’s starting to actually communicate and understand us. The other day at lunch, she looked from me to the fruit bowl and back and asked, “Nana?” When I told her she had to eat her other food first, she promptly cleaned up her tray and asked again! I was rewarded with a huge grin when I placed the banana on her tray. Please pray for Zoë’s health as well this winter; no one wants a sick baby!

Look what Zoë can do!