Happy birthday, Kiddos!

Zoë’s birthday was yesterday and Dante’s birthday will be on Monday. So we had a bunch of family over this evening to celebrate by eating cake (blueberry at Dante’s request) and opening gifts (even though they were all told they didn’t need to bring any). Unfortunately, Zoë has been teething and just got her one year shots today, so she was miserable. Dante has been fighting a cold/allergy thing with an ear infection for the past couple weeks that decided to flare up again this afternoon too, so he was a bit hyper-sensitive too. Over all, it was a good evening though. Now we’re happy to have the kids in bed and a few moments to breathe. 🙂

Hubby was so good to me today. When I returned from taking Zoë to her appointment this morning, he’d already baked the cake and vacuumed all the floors for me. Then, this afternoon, he let me take a nap while he ran out to the Apple Store (real chore for him, I’m sure) to replace my laptop cord that one of the kiddos tripped over or pulled on too hard this past week.

Moments like this make me really proud of the wonderful family that God gave me!

Big brother shows baby sister what to do with this birthday cake thing.
And Baby Girl is NOT impressed!