The Obligatory Family Christmas Letter

2009 has come to an end (or nearly so), and it’s been a rough and busy year for the Burkholder family. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and grown stronger as a family. We’ve also come to appreciate the many blessings that God showers on us in the way of friends and family. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Jeff’s job at D&E Communications (henceforth known as Windstream) is ending as of January 8, so he will be looking for a new job. He will continue working as tech guy at Hosanna! part-time, but welcomes any suggestions or job leads you may have in the “full-time” realm. He’s also greatly enjoying his online creative outlets and publishing pursuits in the areas of short story collaborations ( and his comic strips (

Nean’s got her hands full being a full-time mommy. She’s had a rough year emotionally, but is on the upswing thanks to new medication and the incredible support of family and friends. She spends a lot of time making jewelry and writing stories and poetry (

Siblings (taken by Krista Pelletier)

Dante has started Kindergarten and continues to amaze us with the things he learns both in school and from reading every book he can get his hands on. He’s recently gotten into Peanuts comic strips and even went trick-or-treating as Linus this year. He has decided that he wants to be an eye-doctor or an artist, or possibly both when he grows up.

Dante at age 6 (taken by Krista Pelletier)Dante enjoying the snow day!

Zoë has flung herself fully from baby-hood to toddler-hood. She’s developing quite a personality, as well as the vocabulary to match it. She’s a strong-willed little girl who has no fear and keeps us on our toes! She’s busy making everyone laugh or smile in addition to picking on her older brother whom she idolizes.

Zoë at age 2 (taken by Krista Pelletier)Zoë's first experience in the snow!

This is the time of year to send cards to the people you love, but we stopped doing that a few years ago for several reasons:

  1. As environmentally conscious people, we can’t justify sending out a bunch of cards and pictures that most people will just throw away after the holidays are over.
  2. Postage is so expensive and money is tight.
  3. Most of the people we’d send cards to, we either see or talk to regularly already, or they have access to our fairly extensive online presence anyway.
  4. We honestly don’t have the time or energy to do justice to the extent of our love and appreciation for the vast number of people who have become a vital part of our lives.

All that being said (and even though we realize we’re late for some of them), we wish each and every person that we trust, love and cherish in our lives joy and love for your Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Bodhi, Diwali, Eid al-Adha, Decemberween, Festivus, or whatever other holiday you celebrate. We also wish you a year full of hope and beauty in 2010.